Learning Data Engineering

I've been doing telecom for a long time, entirely familiar with TDM & SONET, etc. For the last two years I've also been working on Ethernet transport over SONET, and I've learned a lot.

I also now realize how little I know about this stuff!

What are my options about learning this more deeply? I know I can start with CCNA level certification, but what are my options? I can read dry books but I suck at learning that way. Online training might be good but I'd like to avoid crappy "schools" and only deal with quality operations. I know I can pay a lot of cash and go to real Cisco schools too.

I also saw mention of Juniper certification, not just Cisco. Others?

Anyway, can I get some help in understanding what my options are in getting on the professional path?

Thanks for any insight offered!

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