logging to syslog ?

hello I am using a catalyst 3750 as a dhcp server. I Can see the logs of dhcp packets using debug option

debug ip dhcp server packet terminal monitor

and I Can see the logs on the console.

I woull like those logs to go to syslog I configured a

logging logging facility local2

and on the log server I can see messages like

Oct 12 17:59:25 tersicore 253: Oct 12 16:59:24 CEST: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by root on vty1 (

but I cannot see logs about dhcp packets.

how can I do to have dhcp packets logged via syslog ?



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logging trap debug

logging monitor debug ! if you want to see debug messages on term mon

debug commands do not servive reloads, so if you want to do this all the time, you would have to configure IOS kron commands to resissue the debug commands

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! IOS kronron commands to re-issue debug DHCP commands ! so that debug can survive device reloads

kron occurrence TASK1 in 15 recurring ! restart debug command for DHCP every 15 minutes policy-list StartDebugDHCP exit

kron policy-list StartDebugDHCP cli debug ip dhcp server packet exit

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