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When I was looking at the Cisco site the IOS version 12.4.(6)T does not mention CISCO 1811/K9 to work with SDM but 184x. On the other hand, the K9 router prompted me to update to 12.4.(6)T when using SDM.

Should I have let SDM update the IOS? how about the new vulnerability patch?

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You may wish to investigate the Cisco IOS Reference Guide:

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Cisco IOS Software Selector:

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and Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner:

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Brad Reese Cisco Resumes

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It is relatively rare to find weird incompatibilities. With something like an 1841 I may not bother to check unless it was countries away.

Saying that however I am not really at all familiar with the SDM.

If at all possible you should avoid the "T" release and stick with the mainline, say, 12.4(12) or 12.4(10)b.

Just arrange it so that you can go back in the event of problems.

Look at other related thread that I posted to minutes ago.

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