Cisco IOS for Cisco router 2503.

Hi Folks, I have purchased the above-mentioned router from ebay and I want to upgrade the IOS to version 12.3.19. I have contacted Cisco systems to sell the IOS image to me, but their answer was that since it is a discontinued product, it is not supported and hence they cannot provide me the IOS cdrom for the above-mentioned router. Basically the image I am looking for is: c2500-i-I.123.bin. If a anybody has a copy of this image archived on their TFTP server, can you please let me know. Any suggestions are also welcomed. Note: I am building a CCNP lab at home and this router is it.

Desperate, Benchmark.

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We warn people, and we warn people, but it doesn't seem to do much good :(

(I was positive that I'd warned about -exactly- this situation recently, but I can't google up the message at the moment. Maybe I've just posted the caveat so often that I'm dreaming about it at night...)

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Walter Roberson


I had a quick look and it appears that images for 2503 and 12.3(19) in particular are available for download by customers.

Maybe of course you can't buy the right to use them.


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While there are a few images available for existing contract holders, the 2503 has been EOS for over 5 years, so it is EOL, and you can't buy smartnet anymore to get the software from any reseller on an EOL box.

There's a reason they are so cheap now, they are becoming boat-anchors.

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Doug McIntyre

Although this archive does not contain your desired image, you may still find it useful;


Please read the Cisco policy on distribution of IOS images (in their EULA), before you decide to use these.

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