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I am having difficulties connecting two switches (3750s) together via copper (using auto mdix). I was always under the impression ports should either be set to fixed speeds or set to auto at both ends. You should not have a combination of fixed / auto or mismatches can occur. I seem to be seeing the opposite:

"speed 10" to "speed 10" = NOT WORKING "speed 100" to "speed 100" = NOT WORKING

But if only one end is set to a fixed speed:

"speed 10" to "speed auto" = WORKING "speed 100" to speed auto" = WORKING

I have also tried setting both ends to full and half duplex - still nothing. Would someone mind explaining why this is happening? I can achieve the desired effect by only configuring the speed on one end but I thought Cisco avoid against this?



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Auto mdix requires autonegotiate.

If one end is auto, that end will do the auto-mdix.

I don't see that you've tried "speed auto" to "speed auto". That's the setting that I would recommend.

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