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I have a strange issue going on with my Cat 4003 and an old Sun box. The problem is this....One interface, .44 vlan, on the Sun auto-syncs up on the switch at 100 full, while the second, .64 vlan, auto-syncs at

100 half. If I force the switch port to be 100 full, I get all kinds of fcs, xmit and rcv errors. The sun box admin checks the interfaces and says they are both running at 100 full, while the switch port says the .64 is only 100 half. The Sun box has been configured to only run at 10 full. I know that Sun was supposedly notorious for not playing nice with Cisco switches. It could be a bad nic in the Sun, but the admin says that both the .44 and .64 would be showing errors at the same time. Are there any suggestions on how to fix this? Do I believe what the switch is saying or the Sun box?

TIA Lovejoy

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If your switch is set for auto, and it syncs up at 100/full or 100/ half, this means the Sun box IS NOT set to only run at 10Mb/s.

The switchport AND the NIC must match configuration... If you have the switch set for auto you MUST set the NIC for auto. If you have the NIC set for 10/half, you MUST set the switchport for

10/half. etc. etc. etc.

This goes for any NIC, not just Sun's.

You will receive errors if they are not configured the same. Even if the switch negotiates to 100/full and the Sun box is set to 100/full, you will receive errors. I have no idea why, but it does.

Match them up and be done with it.

Good Luck JC

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You may also want to check the wire that's running between them. I have seen plenty of speed mismatches solved by swapping wires. It may not fix your problem but I have seen it help many times in the past.

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