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I have a procurve flat network, no vlans, all broadcast. How can I divide it into vlans or at least control the broadcast nature of this flat network. If I have to use Cisco layer 3 switch, which ones will you recommend, burget is very very tight. Please help. Thanks

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Which models of Procurve switches do you have?

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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Christoph Gartmann

Google for the documentation for your switches to see how to VLAN them.

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John Oliver

If they are 2500 series (oldish now) then download from HP

HP Procurve 2500 Series Installation Guide.pdf


HP Procurve 2500 Series Management Guide.pdf

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Vaughan Butler

Why do you need to control the broadcast domain? Are people having issues? The days of broadcasts killing NICs/PCs may be long gone. These days, it's not something I would lose sleep over unless there was a known problem.

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Hansang Bae

Building VLANs on Procurve switches is quite simple and possible on many switches even on older series like 2400/4000 and 2500.

All documentation and configuration examples can be found on

formatting link

BTW In our company we're using no other switches than Procurve's. Great devices!


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Andre Wisniewski

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