Access to network through physical interface

Hello all,

I have a Cisco 6500 I'm using to manage my internet feed and VLANs. I have a publicly routable class C subnet, and I have my internet feed terminating at interface 1/1 on the switch and a .254 address for my class C assigned on that interface.

I have a client connected to interface 2/8 that I would like to assign a publicly routable address to (current IOS doesn't do NAT traversal and my client needs to use IPSec). Is there a way I can configure the switch such that interface 2/8 has access to the network coming in on interface 1/1? I tried creating a VLAN, granting both interface 1/1 and 2/8 access to the VLAN, and creating a virtual interface on the VLAN configured the same way the physical interface 1/1 was configured, but unfortunately this didn't quite work for me because my physical interface 1/1 is doing 'IP NAT outside' and this didn't seem to fly when I did it on the virtual interface (my NATted networks on other VLANs no longer had access to the internet).

Please help! Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

-- Thanks! Bryan

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