Foundry vs HP Procurve

We are going to be upgrading our network and I'mm looking for feedback on the Foundry and HP Procurve lines, specifically:

1) 5300XL Chassis Layer 3 Gbit NON-Blocking switch. (128 ports copper gbit, and 16Ports Copper or Fiber Gbit)

2) 3400cl Stackable Layer 3 Gbit NON-Blocking copper (with fiber uplinks if required). 48 ports Gbit Copper and 2 Fiber)

3) 2800 Stackable managed Layer 2 Gbit 48ports copper with fiber uplink ports as well

4) Foundry FastIron SuperX

5) Foundry EdgeIron 48GS

I have some experience with Foundry but none with the HP gear. Please let me know how good the Procurve Net manager software that comes with the switches is, and if it's worth buying the Procurve Net manager Plus software.

Personally, I'm leaning towards the Foundry gear right now. Price might be a big factor though.


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Although u can manage using the HP procurve manager software,.....the Manager Plus has better features than the just the manager software. You will have advanced features for VLAN Management Software. Traffic analysis Group and Policy management Firmware Updates Device Config Management.

When u get the HP Procurve Manager Software, u get the free trial version of HP Procurve Manager Plus Software for 30 days. You may try it out for yourself.

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Thanks for the feedback.

We should be getting a switch with the ProCurve Manager Plus so I should be able to get a good feel for it. Have you had any experience with ProCurve and 10GE? From what I could find on the internet, it sounds like Foundry is leading development in 10GE Technology, but I couldn't find much in the way of Performance Evaluation results for either brand.

We're looking at a 10GE backbone and 1GE to the workstations and servers (about 600 IP's total - currently it'a flat network, but we'll be adding some vlans shortly).

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Yeah, I knew that some of their products are rebranded Foundry, but the ones I'm looking at are actually HP switches. Thanks.

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Some of the HP Procurve 10GE stuff *IS* Foundry 10GE. The Procurve 9300 series for instance.

My Procurve 9304 seems to be a Foundry Fastiron 400 with modified software. I've heard you can load the Foundry Fastiron software on it and it will work just fine.

Everything in the software says HP, but the 8 port sx GIG fiber/management modules has asics all over it that say Foundry, as does my 16 port copper GIG module. I don't have the 10 Gig module or the XENpacks for it, but I'd bet they are Foundry as well.

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