HP ProCurve and Cisco Catalyst

Hello mankind,

I cannot find a document or website related to my problem: linking a "HP Procurve 2510-24" to a "Cisco Catalyst Express 500-24".

I simply want that PC1 linked to the ProCurve could connect to PC2 linked to the Catalyst, according to the following schema:

PC1 ---> HP ProCurve Cisco Catalyst ---> PC2

Anyone got a PDF or a URL to some guide?

Thank you a lot in advance.


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Doing an HP Procurve to regular Cisco Catalyst was easy enough. I haven't done the CE500s though. They sound like completely different beasts altogether, very different, new and wider variety of buginess. Wonder why Cisco didn't put them in the Linksys brandname line anyway?

In case it helps any, for the regular Catalyst, just make the port facing the HP a trunk port. On the HP, make that interface a tagged interface with it tagging the VLANs you want passed through.

Took about 30 seconds to do for the regular catalyst switch to HP.

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Doug McIntyre

Linksys' have console ports ;-)

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