Get Interface stats NOT VLAN stats on 6500

Hello, I am trying to get stats from each of the interfaces on the blades and running a quick SNMP I can get the VLAN stats but not the Interface stats. Could anyone give me an idea on the OID to check? Thanks in advance Giles

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Mr Jibbles
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32 bit counters only of course.

On a Gigbit interface the byte counters could wrap in let's see .... 30 sec, or of course 15 sec if the implementation uses signed numbers.

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In SNMPv2, 32-bit and 64-bit counters are defined

If you find the 64 bit ones let me know.

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Thanks for the quick reply. This is the OID I was using ( and it only displays the VLANs. If I do a 'show port' on the console it shows the individual ports (slot/port). These are the stats I am looking for. Does the Cisco

6500 have 2 MGT ips (> Mr Jibbles wrote:
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Mr Jibbles and .

are equivalent

I have been out of 6500s for a while however if you have a router module (MSFC) and you are running CatOS on the switch then they will indeed have seperate IP addresses.

I forget how that config works now.

That would explain what you see. If that is the case you will need to configure snmp (Assuming it has an IP address) on the Supervisor Engine and you will then be able to get the stats from there.

The sup 720 I believe has a single manegement entity. Will find out shortly :)

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