Cisco 877 & DHCP not excluding addresses

Hi all A strange one we can't quite put our finger on

ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool CLIENT import all network default-router dns-server lease 0 2

When we do a sh ip dhcp pool CLIENT

Pool CLIENT : Utilization mark (high/low) : 100 / 0 Subnet size (first/next) : 0 / 0 Total addresses : 254 Leased addresses : 0 Pending event : none 1 subnet is currently in the pool : Current index IP address range Leased addresses - 0

All addresses are present, we should only be seeing a range of to

Any suggestions would be welcome


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I suggest that:- sh ip dhcp pool Does not bother with the exclusions?

Maybe you would like it to, maybe it should? It doesn't on routers here either.

If you have documents that say it should please post a link.

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