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I am trying to get the usage or port statistics of a few ports on my cisco

4506. I can go show interface stats and it will show me the stats.

Question is are these the stats since the switch has been up and running the last time it was rebooted or is it something else?

Also is it possible to get mac addresses of these ports after the hosts are disconnected for a while. It does not show any mac addresses on the ports with packets. Is it possible to log the mac addresses once they come online on these ports?

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It is not possible to get MAC addresses from ports that are not up (beyond whatever CAM table aging time you have set). The CAM table is populated by the source MAC, and therefore if a station is completely silent (not uncommon in unix world), or the port is not connected, you will not see a mac. As for counters, it is since the last time they were cleared via clear port counters command. Not sure if it clears on reboot......can't recall.

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At the bottom of the "show port x/x" you'll see "Last-Time-Cleared" This is how long these counters have been going.

Trendkill is correct - however, if you have CiscoWorks LMS and it's configured to gather that information, you can pull it out of there.


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