G.703 to Fastethernet Conversion.


I need to convert G.703 ( E1) unframed 2 MBPS ful to fast Ethernet. E1 is coming from Cisco 7609 Router. I have tested Patton 2701/I model E1 to ethernet conv. and LOOP 1510 Conv. but nothing is working. PLease let me know whether I am thinking rightly and doing it rightly.

Simple, I gave a hard loop at ethernet end and tried to see loop at ethernet side of the medai converter with the helpf of a 2800 series router bu the router shows line protocoal is up but nothing happens if i disconnect the loop(rx and tx short). If i gave a hard loop to the ethernet side of the mdia converter, I am not able to see the loopback from router at E1 side of the media converter.

PLease suggest!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Cisco 7609 has any compatibility or inter-operability issues, if yes which media converter make & model can work .

Waiting for an answer..


Samir Ahsan

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