Conversion of Terahertz to Frequency

I want to give an office worker a job of building a catalog of DWDM parts that express their channel as a frequency (Terahertz) rather than wavelength (Nanometer). I'm looking for an Excel formula that would help us to convert from frequency to wavelength. Is it available somewhere?

The calculation to make this conversion isn't brain surgery, but I gather to do it accurately it is several steps and requires some care, and it's probably beyond what I would want to hand off to an office worker, even a fairly smart one. So, I'm hoping it is shrinkwrapped somewhere.

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Wavelength =3D speed of light / Frequency Frequency =3D speed of light / Wavelength

You should find the speed of light to the accuracy you want with a quick internet search.

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It's not a RTFM, but this:

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something important: in OF the speed of light is *about* 66% than that speed in vacuum. To be more accurate, it depends on the refractive index of the OF.

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That really is very poor advice and has nothing to do with how DWDM devices are specified. A little knowledge can indeed to dangerous.

Specifications are reference wrt to light in vacuum and to find them out the OP jsut needs to look in a decent datasheet for a DWDM DFB laser diode.

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