Re: Unstable SS7 Links and G.703 Baluns

The links work fine most of the time. But, occasionally all the E1

> links on the Cisco SS7 equipment go down. We haven't yet found what > causes the problem. Usually the only way for the links to come up is > to reboot the equipment or sometimes to shutdown and startup the E1 > controllers. > We have some connections going straight to another SS7 equipment > through a couple of baluns. We suspect these connections might be > causing some problem because we haven't got the grouding configuration > correct for the balun's involved in these connections. Ever since we > have disconnected these connections the problem seems to have > vanished. > Can someone suggest anything or has someone seen any problem like this > before?

This sounds like a typical ground loop problem to me. Get out the scope and start looking for 60 Hz trash on the balanced lines. I bet you see some problems.

Everything should have one and only one path to the central ground. Never none and never two.


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