Has any one found a Vista replacment for Hyperterminal??

I just installed a new USB serial cable to use with my windows vista. Now I need a Vista Cisco compatible terminal program??

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Howard Huntley
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SecureCRT has never let me down, and faster SSH client that Putty.

Or, you could download Hyperterminal still if you want that POS, the only reason I can think of people using it is that its bundled with Windows. There's no other good reason why to.

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Doug McIntyre

Agreed, SecureCRT is worth every penny, but Putty is a solid (and free) back-up for any telnet/ssh/etc.

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TeraTerm Pro .... I swear by it.

Google it and you'll find it for download

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Mike W.

The Pro version is slow to connect for me so I prefer the original Tera Term.

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