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Hello We are changing ISP New ISP did provide RJ45 to our office After 2 days someon called me and said that is not Ethernet connection - it is E1 (G.703) Connection

I hav router 3640 wirf FE -PRI interface (1FE-2CE1-B/U) 2 CTRLR and FastEthernet interfaces

wan network settings (xxx.xxx.xxx.aaa - xxx.xxx.xxx=fake aaa=real) Both WAN and LAN are PUBLIC ISP provided some informations

WAN settings Wan network: WAN interface: WAN remote: WAN subnet mask

Lan Settings LAN network: Lan Gateway:

1st usable IP: Last usable IP: network mask:

Question is Is this Interface is Correct? can I use FE-PRI How to configure this interface if Yes?

Thank You Robert

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The CE devices are for ISDN. I think although not 100% sure you need something like this -

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or buy a G.703 to X21 convertor and plug a WIC1T into the 3640.



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Matty M

or a WIC-1MFT-G703

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I will connect Matrodata DC1000 and than E1 (G.703 to WIC-T1 card (X.21) and than Ethwernet

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