E1 problem

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I have 2821 + E1 WIC + PVDM2-8 Module. Is it enough to configure E1 as an ISDN PRI?



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I had the same problem

I had 2 solitions ISP ---------- (RJ45 [could be BNC] presentation) i used Metrodata (DC1000 [RJ45/BNC] and i had Metrodata FM 40000 -------(this is X.35 to V.21 converter) --------- Cisco 2620 and WIC 1T - works perfect

I had Cisco 3640 with 1FE-2CE1-B/U catr - it was enough -------- E1 connection and FaetEthernet card

Your Configutarion should be OK

what type?

G.703(unframed) G7.04

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Current configuration : 920 bytes ! hostname yourname ! ! memory-size iomem 40 ip subnet-zero no ip finger no ip domain-lookup ! controller E1 1/0 framing NO-CRC4 channel-group 1 timeslots 1-31 ! ! interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address YO.UR.EX.IP YO.UR.MA.SK (address outside) speed 10/100/auto full/half-duplex ! interface Serial1/0:1 ip address YOUR.IP.AD YO.UR.MA.SK ! ip classless ip route YO.RO.UT.ER (address inside) no ip http server ! end

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