Cisco 2620 problem

Hello i have a problem with my Cisco 2620, we are changing ISP provider and it will be ISP - (RJ45) - Cisco 2620 - PIX 501 - Lan Cisco 2620 config: 3 interfaces:::: FasthEthernet0/0 (WAN) ISDN/BRI not used FastEthernet(1/0 (LAN) at the moment i am testin and setting up network ISP - Cisco 2620 - test PC

Internet does not work

in ISP people mail was

Wan settings Network address Local WAN Remote WAN (ir is default gateway if i can understand) Subnet mask

Lan Settings network address Subnet mask Gateway Address

1st usable address last usable address

and this is my config

Current configuration : 763 bytes ! version 12.1 no service single-slot-reload-enable service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log uptime no service password-encryption ! hostname rtr-03 ! ip subnet-zero ! ip audit notify log ip audit po max-events 100 ! ! ! interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address speed 10 half-duplex ! interface BRI0/0 no ip address shutdown ! interface FastEthernet1/0 ip address speed auto half-duplex ! ip classless ip route no ip http server ! line con 0 line aux 0 line vty 0 4 password telnet login ! end rtr-03#

I can not ping from router show ip interface brief sayes that interface FastEthernet 0/0 and 0/1 is up

is thisconfiguration ok?

Thank You Robert

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  1. Really odd to have FE Interfaces half duplex 10MB. Should be 100MB Full Duplex normally.
  2. What do you see if you enter show cdp nei detail?

  1. Why are you only routing private address space?

  2. A lot depends on how you hand off to your ISP and what IGP has been agreed.

Step one I guess is to see if they are connected?


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I can not have 100 Full duplex - does not work only 10Mb works


? i do not understand could you explain more

i have WAN and LAN - both public (behind LAN i will put PIX 501 and i will create 10.x.x.x network)

in my opinion config is OK what should i change?

interfaces are up

Thank Yoy Robert

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Can you post the config.

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It is no Ethernet connection It is E1 Connection

I am trying to fix this issue


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