Difficulty PIX ssh server via Putty.

Difficulty getting onto PIX ssh server via Putty. I get as far as the black login screen in Putty , am asked for my username and then rejected when I enter my password.

I've re-generated the ca keys, and recreated the password. I've used the PIX command to show the SHH processes and I see myself starting to come in.

Any advice gratefully received .

Some questions - which password is it asking for ? same as used in telnet, I assume. Any config changes to Putty settings recommended ?

(it's a brand new, out of the box PIX I took the adice found here and didn't go to EBAY - found a 501 for $360. Many thanks guys; feels good to own new, and great to have my own to play with)

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barret bonden
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unless you changed it to login local or to some type of authentication server the username is pix and the password is your enable password. If you did not set the enable password just use the username of pix and leave the password blank.

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Brian V

hostname mypix domain-name mydomain.com ca gen rsa key 1024

username password privilege


aaa-server LOCAL protocol local aaa authentication telnet console LOCAL aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

ssh timeout

ssh inside

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You can't have a blank username when using SSH.

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If I was to offer a suggestion, you need not add a username line to the config, just use "PIX" and the same as the telnet password. when you use putty you have to change the default from 3des to des.. I encounter this often..

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