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I'm setting up my pix to use ssh with putty as the client. I've enabled ssh on the pix for a range of IP's on the inside. The connection works but it prompts me with a "Login as:" prompt and nothing I've tried works. Normally, I just telnet to it and it asks for the password but no login. How do I determine what login I need to use or configure it to use a specific one?



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Matt Williamson
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The username is pix and it will only accept ssh 1. kinda goofy but better then nothing,


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from Cisco docs

Configuring Local SSH (No AAA Authentication)

It is also possible to set up an SSH connection to the PIX with local authentication and no AAA server; however, there is no discrete per-user username. The username is always "pix."

Use the following commands to configure local SSH on the PIX:

hostname goss-d3-pix515b domain-name ca gen rsa key 1024 !--- Caution: The RSA key will not be saved without !--- the ca save all command. !--- The write mem command will not save it! !--- In addition, if the PIX has undergone a write erase !--- or has been replaced, then cutting and pasting !--- the old configuration does not generate the key. !--- You must re-enter the ca gen rsa key command. !--- If there is a secondary PIX in a failover pair, doing write standby !--- will not copy the key from the primary to the secondary. !--- You must also generate and save the key on the secondary device. ssh inside ssh timeout 60 passwd cisco123

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I always set up local AAA and use a "username/password" for SSH so each administrator has their own username.


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You can set up local accounts on the pix to have a username/password combo and not use the default "pix" username.

aaa-server LOCAL protocol local aaa authentication enable console LOCAL aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL username bob password jiggypuff privilege 15


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