SSH server on PIX.

How to activate ssh server on the PIX?

I specified

ssh x.x.x.x outside username awkward password awkward hostname fw domain-name ca gen rsa key 1024

but I can not enter the PIX via Putty, it tells "Access denied"

Where am I wrong?


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"To gain access to the PIX Firewall console via SSH, at the SSH client, enter the username as pix and enter the Telnet password. You can set the Telnet password with the passwd command; the default Telnet password is cisco."

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Jyri Korhonen

Hi Alex,

use the following syntax to enable AAA:

aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

That's all!


PS: Don't forget a 'ca save all', but when you don't execute this command, then you cannot connect to the pix after reboot.



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