dhcp cisco806 basic setup question/problem...

I have a cisco 806 router.

Two(2) ethernet ports on the router.

Ethernet1 is connected to the internet, (receiving it's ip from an external dhcp server).

Ethernet0 is connected to my LAN,(static routing is working fine).

I want the router to assign IP's to internal machines,(which don't have static IPs assigned), using dhcp. The IP's it is to assign are the range:

It wont assign anything! What am I missing?

Partial config follows: /////////////////////////////////////////// ! version 12.2 ! ip dhcp pool main import all network default-router ! interface Ethernet0 ip address no ip redirects ip nat inside no cdp enable hold-queue 32 in hold-queue 100 out ! interface Ethernet1 ip address dhcp no ip unreachables ip nat outside no cdp enable ! ip nat inside source list 101 interface Ethernet1 overload ! access-list 101 permit ip any ! ///////////////////////////////////////////

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  1. Please post izOS version in use

  1. Suggested config change

! configure default route

ip route dhcp

  1. debug DHCP

conf t logging buffer 10000 debug no logging console end

wri mem

clear log debug ip dhcp server events debug ip dhcp server packets

Post debug output

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Version 12.2(2) "flash:c806-sy6-mz.122-2.XI.bin"

dhcp is not an option here.

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I do this a lot and it works.

I have no idea if this is the issue however your DHCP pool and your LAN address have inconsistent netmasks.

ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp pool main import all network default-router

Is what I use.

Merv said:- ip route dhcp

Thanks. Not seen that one, in the UK ADSL is usually PPPoA.

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Thanks, that did the job!

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// >

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