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Sorry if this is really basic.

I have a network at home with a wireless router in the office. It is also a four port router, and prior to running any wireless at all, I wired the house with four outlets. One in the office, two in kids bedrooms and one in the lounge area.

Presently I use the wired outlets for access around the house but due to the size of the house, the wireless does not reach the lounge which has the one wired outlet. Therefore, if we want to use two laptops in the lounge, only one may have internet access.

If I were to add a wireless access point to the lounge "wired access point" would this effectively allow for multi use in the lounge through wireless? Does the fact that I already have wireless in the office affect the system (having two wireless points on the same system)

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Nope. You may need to put htem on different channels though.

By the way its often cheaper to buy a second wireless router, stick it in the same place you would have put the AP, and just disable the DHCP server in it.

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Mark McIntyre

Wonderful advice. Many thanks for this


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On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 22:26:55 +0000, Mark McIntyre wrote in :

And use a LAN port to connect to the wired network, not the WAN (Internet) port.

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John Navas

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Not too sure what you mean. Will this be obvious to me?

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