Copy all files from tftp to flash and vice versa, possible?


I have 6 2610XM-2611XM routers that I need to upgrade the IOS for and I have about 10 configuration files backed up in the flash file system.

The flash file system has enough space but when I try copying a new IOS over it says I don't have enough space.

Does anyone know of a command or an easy way to copy all files from flash to a tftp server?

I want to also copy the backup configuration files back at some point so I'll also need a way to copy all the files from the tftp server back to flash.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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Peter Danes
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to backup flash: directory to TFTP server

dir flash:

copy flash: tftp:///

copy flash: tftp:///

copy flash: tftp:///


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Use "dir" command, and see how much FREE space available on the router. If you deleted files, but didn't "squeezed" the flash, your space was not really released. So, every time after deleting any file in your router, use the command "sque bootflash:" (or "suqe flash"). Newer routers and switches have different filesystem on the flash, and don't need to be "defragmented".

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