PIX Update from 7.0 > 7.2, how?


How can i update the PIX515 from 7.0 to 7.2? I can't find any infos in the Cisco KB. I try to upload the new bin File to the Flash, but there is no space for it:

fire1# dir flash:

Directory of flash:/

9 -rw- 5437440 11:06:37 Nov 24 2005 pix704.bin 12 -rw- 5958324 11:16:30 Nov 24 2005 asdm-504.bin

16128000 bytes total (4696064 bytes free)

Do i need delete the old files first?

Many thanks for your help..

cu ivo

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For this you'll need a tftp server, because with asdm installed there is not enough space for both the old and new version in flash.

You have to delete the old release before you've enough space for upgrade. Maybe you can try the following:

- delete asdm-504.bin: delete flash:/asdm-504.bin

- upgrade to pix721.bin and reboot: copy tftp: flash: conf term boot system flash:/pix721.bin exit write mem reload

- system should boot to 7.21. Check if all is ok, then delete old version: delete flash:/pix704.bin

- upgrade to asdm-521.bin: copy tftp: flash: conf term asdm image flash:/asdm-521.bin exit write mem

Regards, Markus

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Markus Marquardt

Okay, i try it out in the next days. many thanks for the tip.

cu ivo

Markus Marquardt wrote:

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Don't forget to copy the 7.0 flash image to your tftp server before you delete the old one. Never know, you may have to revert back to the old image!

- B

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