Concentrator SSL VPN caching login page

Hey guys,

Anyone run in to this....Concentrator 3005 doing SSL VPN. The VPN works perfectly, but it is caching a page. You connect by going to "

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" brings you to the login page no problem, authenticate fine, next page is where is is launching the ActiveX and doing the connection, that pages address is "
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" then the connection continues fine, no problems at all, VPN works perfect as it should.

Problem arises next time a user tries to connect by typing in their explorers address bar, they start typing and they see the "

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" in there and click it. This then brings up a window that prompts you to close it. It's fully understandable why the page prompts you to close it as it is the page that happens AFTER the authentication, they have not authenticated at this point, thus the closure. Once the user gets this page the only way they can connect is to empty explorers temp files, even clicking on a clean link in shortcuts or wherever causes the session to terminate.

I do have a TAC case open on it, so far they have said, never seen that one before....Well, I just duplicated it in a lab environment, same exact thing happens. Config is ridiculously simple, nothing special at all happening in it. Ideas? Work arounds? Anyone seen this before? Thanks,


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