Too many VPN Clients


To connect to different networks I need to use several VPN clients:


-Netgear ProSafe VPN

Now I need to connect to a third VPN with the StoneGate VPN client. And this is when the trouble started: While I installed the software I was notified that the installer wasn't able to install some kernel driver and that I should install it manually according to their instructions.

I did that and finally succeeded. However, the client simply doesn't work. When I click on "Open" or on "Connect", StoneGate tries to open this page:, but both Firefox and IE tell me that this page does not exist. (On systems with only StoneGate VPN installed, there is a page there, however.)

How do I get this thing to work? Or do I need to uninstall one of the other clients first?


Joachim Ziebs

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Joachim Ziebs
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It sounds obvious, but did you check that there is an http server listening on that port? If so, where is the base dir from which it serves?

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