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I was visiting a hotel and using my laptop to access the wireless network they supplied. What I though was very interesting was as soon as I got a wireless connection, a disclaimer page popup and I need to agree before I can proceed. I would like to do the same. Anyone know how that is achieved? Is it in the router? Or a dedicated server is needed? Thanks for any info and help.

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Some Hot Spots in a Box provide this, also there are paid services such as airpath and BoiNgO, or it can be a server running radius.

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I currently use a firewall script that points ALL port 80 to the webserver ( pre-routing chain ) which brings up a 'signup' page. The signup page html ( php ) script gets the users MAC addy, ( I know, not secure ) and sends them to an https page for logname and password. IF and I say IF the user does not want WPA security, we load the MAC addy along with logname into the radius server which then authenticates the user(s). This has holes, but permits a simple structure for those whom just want to surf for a small time in a 'pay as you go' scheme.

The disclaimer is something that I want to incorporate as some of the wifi users are connecting with laptops using no security other than WEP. During the initial contact and signup, this is displayed, but when they happen to logoff then re-connect, I want to display it again. I have no idea if it is actually read, but it would be there... I am still work'n on that as I have time and is just an extension of the above...


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There are complete systems that you can install yourself, or get some help installing, or have installed. boingo.com and stayonline.net are two the leap to mind.

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seems like a simple tool to do the job. You set up a server to run the spalsh page and qualification pages, and then supply the "real" DNS address. If someone already has a static DNS instead of DHCP-discovered, I'm not sure if the page appears.

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