webvpn internal www site access

I'm unable to access internal web sites using WebVPN feature of Cisco IOS

12.4(2)T 2800 series router...

I created port forwarding as follows: port-forward list www local-port 60006 remote-server

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remote-port 80

After I activate "Application access" I get only loopback address pointing to the local port and I'm unable to access web site, actually it's looks like web server is permitting only https connections on this site, but it's not true. My PC has no listener on tcp 60006 and the router (vpn gw) is able to perform dns resolving for the web server... This problem happens when I try to create port forwarding for any internal web server... Access to other internal applications such as telnet works ok with webvpn.

There is no any output from 'debug webvpn port-forward' when I'm accessing internal websites (also there is no any counts in the "application access" window for that webvpn session, so it might be about the fact that the router has a http server...

What could be correct port forwarding syntax for accessing internal web servers? Or is it not possible to use webvpn to access internal web sites...?

B.R. Igor

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Igor Mamuzic
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