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I am looking for some automated interface that provides inventory information about cisco network (if my present knowledge is right, then CiscoWorks tools related to network management provide only web interfaces (or simple GUIs)). Does anyone can give me some hint ? I found, that I can probably collect all information directly from network elements (routers, etc.) via SNMP, but it would be helpful, if I don't have to collect all those infos over whole network. The best would be if CiscoWorks provides some interface, that is not user related, but accessible via another software - anything from CORBA to CLI :) ...


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Is it possible to read such informations from CiscoWorks sybase database ? What do you think ?

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It would help to know what information you are trying to gather. (There's probably thousands of different data points that you could gather.) I've written a few Perl scripts to gather any number of data points - all using SNMP.


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I've been looking for something to gather the Hostname, Model number, Serial number and IOS version of Cisco devices on my network via SNMP. Would you be willing to share anything you have that would accomplish this. You can email it to dj7934 on hotmail if you wouldn't mind.

Thanks, Dan

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I can probably help you with this. One of the scripts I've written uses SNMP to gather the information you need, as well as much more. It can be easily cut-down to supply only what you need.

Email me direct - jcottingim - AT - yahoo - DOT - com

Thanks JC

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