Managing ASA5500 with CiscoWorks

Our company is using Catalyst 3750G switches for the core network, and ASA5520, ASA5510 and PIX units for our borders (we have a few small branch offices). I recently installed CiscoWorks and was trying to manage the ASA and PIX units, but had no success. The documentation says that these devices aren't supported. I tried the Cisco Network Assistant, and ran into the same problem. In CiscoWorks, I can find the device with the SNMP discovery, but it is marked as 'Unreachable'.

Surely Cisco provides some way of managing these devices centrally, either with one of the aforementioned programs, or some other. Since I am quite new to Cisco products, I simply don't know where else to look.

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Cisco Security Manager,

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I haven't had any experience with the product. The previous generation, CiscoWorks VMS (VPN/Security Manager) did almost nothing for me that I hadn't already hacked up myself [mind you, it -was- a non-trivial amount of hacking to get to that point.]

You may wish to consider's policy manager, the technical specifications of which are wonderful, but which I have not had an opportunity to use.

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Walter Roberson

If you only want to manage a few devices, the size and complexity of your ACLs is relatively small and sharing objects/ACLs between devices is not a must-have, then you can try the ASDM management software:

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Like Walter stated, you can try the CSM. But for managing a few devices only, its pure overkill. Trust me, we're evaluating it at the moment ;-)

It is worth to mention that these products offer only configuration services. The monitoring capabilities are only there to get a quick overview of what a device does at the moment. If you need health monitoring and long term statistics, you need additional software - probably not from Cisco - too.


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