Cisco System PIX 515E - Memory and PIX OS upgrade

Hi good folks.

Yesterday I had a Cisco PIX 515E with restricted license and and only

32Mb of memory, and PIX 6.3.5/PDM

Today, i have myself a "new" PIX, with 256Mb memory , PIX OS 7.1.2/ASDM and a big smile.

What a difference!

I used 2 chips of ordinary PC100, 168pins 128Mb memory, and upgraded os from monitor.

Operation took less than an hour, including a good cup of black coffe.

I just love it! I can't wait to set up some vpn links and test some trafic shaping.

Sorry, i'm beeing a kid on xmas evening...

My question is: Does PIX 7 OS use all this memory? Is there some restriction in my license regarding memory use?

ASDM reports 256Mb memory and i have about 200Mb free...

best regards to all. Speed3ple

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