Cisco SNMP PortSecurity Status - not reliable


I'm trying to get a list with all error-disabled switch ports... I made a script using CISCO-PORT-SECURITY-MIB::cpsIfPortSecurityStatus. The problem is that I got the shutdown status on some ports. If I connect with telnet and check with sh int status, the port is only notconnect. I tried the port (used the port with my notebook), and it worked. The port wasn't error disabled. After I connected to the port, the status was securedown. This problem occures on different switch with different ports.

Is there a reliable way to determine if a port is error-disabled?

Thanks in advance PoSH

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Are you using the full command? "show interface status err-disabled" will show only err-disabled ports, if not then check for IOS upgrades. otherwise you could try "show int status | inc err-disabled"


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