Cisco 837 SNMP Question

Hi all Cisco Gurus,

I need some assistance :)

I am monitoring my Cisco 837 via SNMP, at the minute just purely to track the ADSL line state due to some line problems (specifically Noise Margin's), but would like to show a counter of the line activation counts. Basically, I would like to end up with pretty much the same information that you can get from the console using "sh dsl int atm 0" - but without the console part ;).

I've been through the Cisco ADSL MIB file, but can not find any reference to the activations - does anyone know the OID (assuming it is available)?

Kind regards,

Andy Neillans

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Andrew Neillans
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Hi there, I don't know about a specific OID for that value (can't say I've seen it myself) though you might be able to achieve something equivalent using adslAturPerfLofs ( I don't know if this will suit you though on my own 837 I have this graphed as a gauge value (rather than delta) and increments by 1 each time the line retrains. The similar adslAtucPerfLofs doesn't work like this for me though as this does increment occasionally without a retrain ocurring.

Hope that helps some.

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