Cisco Router and PPPoE Server in a Wisp Enveroniment

Hello I would like to ask you an opinion:

I would like to put up a WISP and using a Cisco 2600xm as PPPoE Concentrator.

I have already done some tests and I can login using an internal list of username/password saved on the IOS Config.

It is possibile to avoid using an external radius server (just for testing purposals) and let the router give IP addresses assignment to the PPPoE Client?

Thank you

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Elia S.
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Yes it;s possible. Use login local for aaa, user and password is entered, pppoe pool of IP addresses.


I use mikrotik routers. Much cheaper and more flexible IMHO.

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Thank you for your answer.

Well, I have already done it, but I don't know how to associate a specific IP to a specific username

can you help me?

I know about mikrotik, but I already have cisco's here so I don't want to buy new equipment :)

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