Does Cisco 1760 Series Router Support Multiple Gateways?

I'm curious if the Cisco 1760 router supports multiple gateways, and if so a general "hint" as to configuration - or commands/areas to read up on.

In short I'd like to use it with 2 internet connections, simultaneously, not as a failover type configuration.

Thanks for any information.

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With the correct IOS, a substantial amount of RAM (preferably 256 megs of RAM) and the appropriate WIC card, you can run full BGP tables on the router, which would allow you to manage 2 internet connections. You'd need your own BGP AS, public IP addresses, and a maxed out 1760 router. Even then, though it could do it, it would possibly overload when loading the full internet tables. If you want to run 2 internet connections, I would more likely recommmend the 2800 series router.

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Mike Rahl

You don't need BGP if you only need to have outbound load-balancing. Take a look at this:

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Also, Cisco has a similar article:

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In either case, load-balancing inbound traffic will be a challenge, even with BGP. I've done this where one link is used for traffic initiated from internally, the other externally. This simplifies NAT and still allows for one link to fail, provided you're using some sort of DNS failover for your external services.

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That is an interesting document - quite a lot in it for a few pages.

To the Original Poster.

If your router is NATting your internet traffic then from the document you will be able to reasonably load balance upload and download traffic to and from typical web browsing PCs.

If your router is not your nat device e.g. you have a firewall inside it then you will only be able to load balance outbound packets whch is often not what is wanted.

More information may result in more precise answers. Application - web browsing, email, web servers, Where is your NAT taking place.

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