Cisco ASA version 8.0

I was wondering how many people have tried out version 8.0 and how they like it. I am contemplating using 8.0 but I am just a little concerned about lack of documentation. I have seen the stuff on Cisco's site but there is a lot more in the way of sample configs for 7.x.

Also, one other question that I had is how do you back up a private key and certificate on the ASA? I'd like to totally wipe the config and start from scratch to get a clean config but I'm not sure how to get the certificate and private key.


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T Blake
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We are running version 8 w/a patch from cisco due to crash dumps. So far (excluding the crash dumps which was resolved w/the patch) it has seemed to work a lot better and the new ASDM interface appears smoother.

Your certificate information should be backed up w/your config. So copy off your config and you should be fine.

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