How to tell firmware version?

Go ahead with installation of the new firmware. Get the web interface up on a browser, and go to the Admininstation-->Firmware Upgrade menu. Select the filename of your new firmware, and click on the upgrade button. Then, during the minute that it takes to complete, grab a piece of scrap paper and a pen, and look in the upper right corner of that page... and write down the version of the existing firmware. Don't make a mistake, because it will be gone in about 1 minute 10 seconds or so... ;-)

Or just look at the upper right corner of almost any of the web pages. Most of them should have it.

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Floyd L. Davidson
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Before I mess with new firmware for my WRT54G v.2, how can I see what Linksis firmware version is on it now?

Bought 9/5/04, in case that tells anything.


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What's the status page say? Depending on the firmware version, it might even be on every single page, in the upper right-hand corner.

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