Finding out IOS version of PIX

Besides hooking up a console cable, is there any other way to find out what IOS a PIX is running. IE. serial number, looking at original invoices. etc.

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You can ssh to the PIX without using a console cable. Then type "show version" to find the version of operating system it's running (PIX doesn't run IOS, though).

Also, the ones that run 7.0 and newer usually weigh more. There's more code, thus more weight.

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Hope that helps!

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BSD Johnson

Yep already know how to view via console, but this PIX is located in a distant location.

Was hoping for some external hint to what IOS its running on.

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Is the PIX remotely accessible? ssh? telnet via a vpn? Log in to a system on the other side and use that to telnet back to the PIX? snmp? pdm?

Look up the serial number with the online support tools. If it is registered to your account and if it hasn't been

-too- long since there was last some kind of coverage on it, then if I recall correctly, there is some information provided about dates and possibly about original software version.

But it's rare for PIX to be left at the original software version, so it is better to check what is running now.

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