Cisco 857 disconnecting from ADSL

Hi, in the last 3 weeks our Cisco 857 has dropped the ADSL connection during the night. We host a server which makes this a real problem.

Each time I have looked at the router and the PPP led is not lit. Is there any way to look in the logging to see why the DSL connection is failing and not re-connecting?

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checkout Dialer Persistent feture

formatting link


! dialer persistent

config t interface dialer 1 dialer persistent delay initial 0 seconds dialer persistent delay 0 seconds no dialer idle-timeout end

Post output of:

show version show int atm0 show dsl interface atm0 show dialer interface dialer 1

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Is this necesary for DSL?

I used to worry about the physical layer flapping and there being no interesting traffic but it doesn't actually seem to work like that. I am not sure about this but I have seen dozens of 8x7 routers in service, none with "dialer persistent" or other means of bringing up the dialer (well some with with NTP but by no means all). We have had nework monitoring on te routers from the outside and they never seem to need 'tickled'.

I simply can't believe that I have been that lucky.

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Waiting for OP to post various show commands so can determine what IOS version and firmware version is in use.

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