Cisco 3825 Dial-in router with Digital modem card

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post some notes around a configuration that I had trouble getting working, and couldn't find any information on the net or regarding the issue.

What we were doing is configuring a Cisco 3825 with a PVDM2-24DM (24 Port Digital Modem Module) and a NM-1CE1T1-PRI (1-Port Channelized E1/ T1/ISDN-PRI Network Module) for dial-in access to a network. This was connected to a full PRI for dial-tone to the PSTN. I realize this is old-school, but its what the business needed.

The problem we were facing is the router would see the calls come in across the PRI, and a PRI channel would be established, however the modem card would never answer and begin the call initialization. After several hours of searching and two calls to Cisco TAC, the below commands were given to me to try, and this resolved my problem. (Please change the configuration with respect to which port your WIC is in)

Network-clock-participate slot 1 Network-clock-select 1 t1 1/0

I found several other posts on the net regarding this same problem, and no one had an answer. Hopefully this will help everyone in the future who may come across the similar problem.

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