wireless router with built-in analogue modem

i'm looking to hook up two laptops to a dial-up internet connection using wifi? does anyone know of any routers that will let me do this. i'd prefer a single box solution but realise that a wireless router (with serial port) and external modem maybe my only choice.

any advice would be appreciated

Cheers ws

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Apple Airport Extreme is an all in one solution.

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The only one I know of is

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I've got one and it seems to do something, but I haven't actually set it up, configured it, or used it yet. Kinda pricey, but nice and small. Wish it came with a carrying case for iself and it's power supply, but you can't have everything...

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William P.N. Smith

I bought a buffalo wlarr-l1-m-1 wireless router a year or so ago for

40 uk pounds (60dollars?) second hand ebay. It has a built in 56k modem. But while it works to be honest I rarely used the modem part and ended up using internet connection sharing from one of the pc's which resulted in a faster more reliable connection. I also found it slightly odd not being able to tell when it was dialing up or connected properly. I also had the impression that it was not an idea that took off as not many of that type seemed to be around and they were v expensive new. I can't see any on ebay at the moment. I suspect they never made and 802.11g ones just b.

To be honest I'd go with a router with a backup serial port and something generically reliable like a 56kb us robotics modem which can be bought very cheaply these days second hand. I think you will end up with a better result.

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Netgear's FWG114P, can support an external modem...and has numerous other features, that may make you overlook the external modem issue.

Bill Crocker

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Bill Crocker

Have a look on Ebay for an RG1000....


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