Cisco 2511 losing connections

I'm using a 2511 as a console server to a rack of Sun servers. It has spontaneously started to hang on reverse telnet logins to the server consoles. I've cleared the lines and retried without success. While logged into the 2511 via Ethernet0 it suddenly dropped my connection and became unaccessible without power cycling.

Attached to the console port and on boot up it gave a duplex mismatch error on Ethernet0 half-duplex attached to a gig-E switch full duplex. There is no gig-E switch on the LAN and it has been connected to the same 100Mb switch for 6 months without problems. Why would negotiation change spontaneously?

If you've seen this problem please advise me.


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You may wish to investigate Cisco 2500 Router Hardware Troubleshooting:

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