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Hello Everyone,

I need some help setting up my Cisco 2511 access router. Its displaying a problem which I do not understand. After completing the configuration, I could access a remote router and return back to the access router. However, when I am back at the access router and hit the enter key I am sent back to the remote router, see below. In addition, when I type in the number '8' at the access server I get the message '% 8 is not an open connection'. I've verified that cable #8 is connected to router labeled BR. Also, when at the access router if I type in '3' instead of '8' I can get to the BR router.

Sample out:

BR# ACCESS# [Resuming connection 1 to br ... ]


Here is a copy of the config:

Current configuration: ! version 12.0 service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log uptime no service password-encryption ! hostname ACCESS ! enable password cisco ! no ip subnet-zero no ip domain-lookup ip host R1 2001 ip host R2 2002 ip host R3 2003 ip host R4 2004 ip host SW1 2005 ip host SW2 2006 ip host FRS 2007 ip host BR 2008 ! process-max-time 200 ! interface Loopback1 ip address no ip directed-broadcast ! interface Ethernet0 ip address ip directed-broadcast ! interface Serial0 no ip address no ip directed-broadcast shutdown ! interface Serial1 no ip address no ip directed-broadcast shutdown ! ip classless ip route ! ! ! line con 0 transport input none line 1 16 no exec transport input all line aux 0 line vty 0 4 password cisco login ! end

I would appreciate any help.


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This is normal behavior.

Typing a number switches you to that console session and has nothing to do with which cable the router is attached to. To see you existing sessions, enter the command "who"

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I guess I misunderstood how the router works. Thanks for the info.

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