2600 w/ NM-16A vs. 2511 Router as a console terminal server?

Hi, I have a Cisco certification study lab w/ server routers and switches. I=92d like to setup a console terminal server to make it more convenient to connect to each piece of equipment. It seems to me that to two most common options are to equip a 26xx router w/ a NM-16A module or to use a 2511 router as the console terminal server.

Does the 26xx/NM-16A combo offer any advantages over the 2511 as a terminal server? I=92ve never done this before. Is there a simpler solution that I=92ve overlooked?

Thanks, John

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John Heitmuller
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Well, the 2601 isn't quite so end-of-lifed as the 2511 is... Both are, but the 2511 is from the '90s.

It'll be slightly faster. You probably can even do reverse ssh rotary on it (depending on the model of 26xx).

Otherwise, they both still function as a term server..

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Doug McIntyre

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