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What is the cheapest/smallest Cisco switch I can use for rate-limiting (shaping) an interface both ingress & outgress ?

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There are a few models that can do this (2948G-L3/4912G-L3/4232-L3,

3550, 4000 w/ sup 3 or 4). I prefer the 3550, but there are some caveats. For instance, 'output service policies can only be applied to policies whose classes only match on dscp/cos/ip precedence, and not ACLs' and 'you can only apply one service policy per direction per interface.' So, for the egress policing you'll have to tag traffic on it's way in then police it on it's way out based on the previously applied tag. Ingress policing is pretty much what you would expect though. Hope this helps. BTW, feel free to visit us at the URL below.

Regards, Steve

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