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I've never used a Cisco 1811 before, & I haven't been able to find the right link at Cisco, but I'm trying to configure the 2 WAN ports as either load-balancing or a back-up configuration. Does anybody have a link to this documentation or can anybody help me out with this? Thanks.


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John D.
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There is nothing especially unique about the 1811 with respect to ECMP load balancing. You need to use eithe CEF per destination or PPP multi link to implement load balancing.

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Hi John,

Martin Heusinger, Cisco CCIE No. 5980

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States previously,

"To keep things simple you can put 2 static routes with just their outgoing interfaces for the same destination. This will do loadbalancing + failover. This may not work if you have Ethernet presentation as WAN link.

Following this approach the config could look like this ( you have to adjust interface names and IP addresses to your environment ):

interface Serial0 description to ISP1 ip address

interface Serial1 description to ISP2 ip address

ip route ip route

Also be advised, that this only takes care of IP routing, but NOT about security - in fact there are no security filters in place at all.

Things get a lot more complicated in case you need NAT, because you do not have your own IP address range. So the question is:

Do you have your own IP addresses or do you get your official IPs from the respective ISPs?"



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