Cisco 1811 configs

I'm a consultant on a Cisco 1811, which has me befuddled.

The router has an E0 (outside), E1 (inside) 8 ports and 2 WAPs.

According to documentation from Cisco, if I configure irb (done) all should be good. This indeed works if I want to put an IP address on E0 and E1 and treat it like a conventional router. But, then none of the 8 ports work nor the WAPs. That is, the internal ports believe they are on vlan 1 but not able to route, despite a default route, to the outside.

I've not included a config since I've tried literally hundreds of things, and nothing seems to get me where I want to go.

Here's my goal:

E0 is outside E1 is inside, along with 8 ports + WAP ports

I did try putting all 8 ports + the WAP ports in VLAN 1, assigning the inside IP to VLAN1, having no IP on E1, and creating a bridge group including E1, the 8 port switch and WAP ports. Everything inside could talk to each other, but not to anything on the outside.

so if there is anyone who has been able to get all these ports to cooperate, I'd love to see the config you used (minus passwords/real IP's of course :) E-mail is sufficient to not bore the masses.

-- Lou Anschuetz, Network Manager, ECE, Carnegie Mellon University

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Lou Anschuetz
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